Kindergarten News

Week of October 5-9

What A Fun Week!

Monday-Buddy PE Day! The entire school participated in Buddy PE Day. We paired up with a third grade class and enjoyed lots of fun PE activities. We also began writing about things we do in the month of October. We had ideas from jumping in leaves to celebrating birthdays. In the wonder lounge, we built with Keva Planks and explored literacy apps on the iPads.

Tuesday-Field Trip Day! We walked to the Crozet Fire Station and had a wonderful time. Students had a chance to sit in the fire truck and learn about all the tools. The firefighters also put on all of their gear to show the students the different parts. We also had a chance for questions. Students are doing a great job of asking purposeful questions! The firefighters also gave us homework. They suggested that all families create a fire escape plan in case of emergencies and check the batteries in the smoke detectors.

Wednesday-Another member of our community came to talk about his job as a reporter. Mr. Mike Marshall from the Crozet Gazette came to our class to share about his job. He talked to us all about community and how the Crozet Gazette is published each month. Mr. Marshall even gave each of us a copy of The Crozet Gazette to take home. We are learning so much from our local community helpers!

Thursday-In math, we began a number writing assessment. We also are continuing our PALS assessment. During literacy, we created and read a book about things that are orange. Students are doing a great job of making their own books!

Friday-What a busy Friday! We read our non-fiction Let's Find Out about fire trucks. We also checked out the online resources. We also had a school wide assembly called "Hip Hop Math". Students were taught different types of dancing along with math vocabulary. What fun!

Upcoming Events

October 15-Online Scholastic Book Order Due

October 16-Picture Day-If you would like to order pictures, please send in your money and form by October 16.

October 23-Harvest Festival-Please sign up below.

October 26, 27, & 30-Parent-Teacher Conferences. See you there! If you need a reminder on your date and time, please let me know. Thanks!

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