Justin's Poem

Justin Jurek

Ode To Chick-Fil-A

Good Chick-Fil-A I adore thee

You lay right before me

Your juicy sweetness with NO pickles

You can even see when the grease trickles

Whataburger really sucks

It costs a lot of bucks

Chick-Fil-A has waffle fries

McDonalds's fries don't come to full-size

When I come I get welcomed with laughter

But I do see them leave after

Sometimes I am there all day

Good thing they don't want me to go away

Chick-Fil-A is the best that's what I'm trying to say

So you should go there and stay all day

Many many choices to choose from

Make sure you eat every single crumb

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Give Thanks

T- Turkeys cry on table tops

H- Holding hands for a happy holiday

A- Autumn leaves fall like airplanes from the air

N- New memories and new friends for the holiday in November

K- Kitchens is the place where we kill and cook the bird

S- So sit down and celebrate the special holiday that abounds

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Yesterday, Today, and Tomarrow

Yesterday is so far away

Yet I still remember everything

Sister moves out which might be a relief

Still miss her every moment, and cried the first time

Who cares what happened yesterday

There is always another day

And there goes another yesterday

Today is always new

I'm kind of used to her being gone

Sad every now and then

Today goes away over and over

I wish I could see her again

Nobody to play with

Getting over it quick and

Here I come around the corner just as quick

Tomarrow, trust me I'll get better

Not missing her at all

Feels like she was never here anyway

Sometimes I wonder how she's doing

I really don't even care

Playing with my friends

I yell, scream, and laugh

So cherish every moment

Before it is all over