My year


My Family

During 2001, nothing really happen to my family besides my cousin's and my birth.My oldest sister was in first grade and my other sister wasn't in school yet.My oldest sister was about 7 years old and my other sister was about 4 years old back then.My cousin that was born in the same year as me is about four months older.she was born in July while I was born in November.

Entertainment and Technology

There were many movies out in 2001.Movies such as:


Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone

Lord of the Rings

And my cousin's favorite movie from when she was 7 years old, Monsters inc.

Jennifer Lopez scored her first UK no.1 single,Love Don't Cause A Thing.Apple released their first iPod (picture below) and ITunes was made too.Wikipedia was also created online.Microsoft also released Windows XP.

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Historical Events

-Earthquake in India killing 20,000 people and injuring 167,000 on January 26.

-George W Bush sworn in as 43rd president

-US invades Afghanistan

-Oklahoma City bomber, Timothy McVeigh was executed

-Terrorist attack the US