Climate Change

Darren Prunty; Period 3

Causes of the Problem

Carbon, the basis of life, travels in a cycle in and out of organisms' bodies and into the atmosphere. The only way for Carbon to travel from the atmospheres and into organisms is being inhaled by plants. Humans have began to cut down trees to make room for development. To add on, we have began to use fossil fuels, which puts more Carbon into the atmosphere. All this Carbon forms a layer over Earth that traps heat in the atmosphere, which causes the temperature to increase around the world.

Impact on Ecosystems

Organisms cannot adapt fast enough to their new environment, so they are forced to migrate. Unfortunately, plants usually cannot migrate fast enough and end up going extinct.

Ways to Impact the Issue

One way to change this is by not cutting down as many trees, or even planting some. Another way is to stop using fossil fuels. This can be done by avoiding technology use, such as car driving.


The biggest challenge is that people would rather continue to do these things, since it is the most convenient for them.