Overcoming Obstacles Group Project

By: Celeste, Miranda, Jordyn, Ra'el, Sean

Walt Disney

Walt Disney faced many obstacles on his journey to becoming successful. Some of the obstacles he faced were that he had difficulty earning money, he had to start working at a young age, and he was told he wasn't creative enough to do anything. After many years, Walt Disney put in a lot of hard work and never gave up on his dreams.

overview of Walt's life

-Walt Disney was born December 5,1901- December 15,1966

- Walt had many careers he was an ambulance driver, made cartoon characters, artist for film ad company, laugh-O- grams

- Walt married a lady named Lillian and they had 2 daughters (Diane and Sharron )

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Walt Disney Animation Studios' Steamboat Willie

Conflict and Resolution-

In the article about Walt Disney the conflict is that people don't think he was talented enough to do his dreams but he continued, and never gave up. He took art classes as a child to improve his drawing and he practiced a lot. The resolution was Walt made his dreams a reality and created something many people will enjoy for many years from now.

Helen Keller

Helen faced many problems in her life but she overcame then and became a inspiration to many people. The obstacles she faced was she blind and deaf since she was born. Helen and her family had to hire many teachers to help her learn such as Anne Sullivan and Horace man school of deaf.

overview of Helen's life

-Helen was born June 27,1880 and died June 1,1968

-Helen's occupation was an Educator and a Journalist

-Helen wasn't able to see or hear

Helen Keller | Five Minute Theatre

Conflict and Resolution-

In all of Helen Keller's life she was unable to see and hear. Which was the conflict, her parents never thought she would be able to communicate with other people. But they never gave up, They hired teachers and took her to a special school after years and years she was able to speak. Helen became a well known speaker, and will be remembered forever.
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