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English 2A

Surf Zone

Author is Ken Hanley

Alt Nation

Jake and Peter were taking their guests out on a kayake tour. The french girl wanted to get close up view of the sea lions, but they were dangerous and territorial. The author solved the problem by sending jake or peter to go help her but, she ended up flipping over and jake or peter had to go save her. My way of solving that problem is telling the french girl to paddle away slowly and go towards jake or peter til the coast is clear.

Down in the Dumps

If i were to remove a character or two from the story it would be the parents of the french girl, Because they get in the way of jake or peter trying to get with their daugter.

Fab Five Fav's

"that was so sick. I can't Believe I missed the wave of the Day. I swear you're psychic or something. everyone else got cleaned up by that one."

"Hey, Peter, who cares who talks to us and who doesn't? we'll be pulling up anchor again before anyone has a chance."

"Living aboard a sixty three foot yacht is the only way to go. Even if it's only for two weeks , and even if it doesn't have a hot tub on deck."

" I give you boy's two hours off to surf after a long day of kayak Guiding and you think you need a hot tub? sounds like this trips is spoiling you?"

A girl, hey? that'll be a change from gray-haired kayaker wannabies."

Face To Face

Why Do Jake and Peter fight over the only girl in the story? Why does'nt the girl listen to jake or peter when she's told not to get to close to the sealions, Because there territorial?Why are sea lions so Territorial, because they are over protective about their area and girls? Why does Jake and peter work in a scuba diving club? to make money to buy new equipment for surfing. How do they get the girl to safety when she fell into the water? where in California did they live and how was the surf? why would a French family visit California and stay at a five star resort, instead of going to Canada where most French people go to see their relatives? How could both peter and Jake like the same girl? who does the girl like the most Jake or Peter?

Best Seller/Discount shelf

The surf zone- Pam Withers. A recommendation is to always follow the director/guides rules, so you don't get hurt. If two guys like one girl, they should let one another get her, instead of fighting over one girl. It's about these two kids who work at a 5 star resort/ scuba diving class to make money for new surfing equipment and they live in California. Valerie's problem of listening and splitting up from the group to go see the sea lions, so Jakes emotions fired up to go rescue her they attacked. My reactions to this book is frightened/ Romantic and humorous. Frightened because Valerie was getting to close to the Sea Lions and I thought she was going to get attacked, Because she fell in the water too. Jake/ Peter went to go rescue her which was romantic for one of them. Their mood in working gets them excited to go surfing afterwards. Authors message is to work to have fun and work to meet other's around the world.

Top Ten list

1- Marijuana users are lazy and unactive. On my perspective I think marijuana can make you productive.

2- There is no record of someone overdosing or dying from the use of Marijuana. there was a report of someone overdosing on edibles, which is stronger than smoking out of a paraphernalia tube.

3- Nearly everybody who tries marijuana eventually gives it up. they also give it up if they had to join the navy or army and then when their done they sometimes pick it back up.

4- Even though marijuana is illegal those who are caught with the drug cannot be sent to jail or given a criminal record. That's how todays reality should be.

5- The common argument that marijuana puts the user on a path to delinquency confusing cause and affect. They cant prove marijuana causes people to break the laws.

6- More potent strains have appeared on the streets lately. Because we've been coping the bud from Colorado, California, and Mexico.

7-marijuana was used for clothing and ropes. Our previous president wore hemp as his clothing.

Thematically speaking

Thematically speaking marijuana can be bought basically from anywhere and each year they are making it difficult for marijuana to be transported from these states and from Mexico. Because they are cracking down those who are trying to bring it to other states where its illegal and as for Mexico there making a border so it harder for drug traffickers to cross the border and sell their price possessions.

Best Seller

The summary of this book is mainly about the potent strains of marijuana. It talks about how those who are caught with the drug cannot be arrested or have criminal record. They say it leads to other harder drugs. People who have smoked marijuana eventually gives it up. I liked the book because it gives great information about marijuana and it talks about why marijuana should legal and illegal. All sorts of people like and dislike Marijuana, those who like it like me enjoy reading and learning new things about marijuana. those dislike it want to abolish it like alcohol used to be.

B sides

Gerber, a retired Arizona state judge, is currently associated with Arizona State University. His volume is a broad-scale attack on US drug policy regarding marijuana. The author draws on his 22 years of experience as a judge to conclude that the prohibition of pot is "the worst injustice perpetrated by our frayed criminal justice policy in the twenty first century." Gerber provides an overview of the evolution of drug policies from colonial America (George Washington) and Victorian England to the present. Attention is placed on the rise of prohibition and racist basis for that prohibition. The first drug czar, Harry Anslinger, associated marijuana with Negroes, Mexicans, jazz, and a "lust for blood." Most of the volume focuses on the presidential policies of the executive branch from John F. Kennedy to George W. Bush and on the medicinal marijuana issue. This volume is well written and documented. It comes as a breath of fresh air amid a policy issue that is so often dealt with in an emotional and irrational way--a sane counterpoint to the emotional venting of the pharmaceutical Calvinists. ^BSumming Up: Highly recommended. All levels. J. S. Robey University of Texas at Brownsville For our Non-fiction unit I read Legalizing Marijuana by Kayla Morgan. This book was filled with reasons why marijuana should be legal. Even though many people may find this bad, I enjoyed reading why the author thought marijuana should be legal. Even though the book was very informative it got very boring at times. It was surprising because I thought reading about leagalizing marijuana was going to be more interesting. Like all other Non-fiction books it has visuals, captions, and fun factsThis book was a grate read. considering it's nonfiction it was extremely interesting and contained understandable words and examples. Thus I consider this book also a easy read. I would recommend this story to 8th grade and up. I would recommend because it contains adult material and would be inappropriate material for some ages.