The Scientific Method is AMAZING

By Hibaq Ahmed (Thunderbirds)

Why you should use it in your every day LIFE

Without the scientific method we wouldn't have technology! Also would this be safe or dangerous? How does this work?

Which sandwich should i make an Avocado or a jelly? Which one taste better and more healthy

How could i fix this? should i use a hammer or a screwdriver

Do i have enough time to get ready? Am i going to be late or not. Those are your questions you are asking a ????

Independent Variable

Independent Variable: This Variable is when something you want to CHANGE for instance I want to change this color how will that affect something or somewhat.

Dependent Variable

This Variable is used to defend the IV so for example how many marbles you can fit in the jar. So the Varible will be how wide is the jar or the Length of the jar.


A hypothesis is when you make a Prediction or Inference and when you make a hypothesis you use the words IF THEN BECAUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Quantitative is a Data that is used for numbers or anything that has a number in it. For example, Hibaqs height is probably 4ft tall 4 is a number so it is Quantitative data. Qualitative is used for the 5 senses, touch, smell, sight, hear, taste. For example these roses smell really good.


A Conclusion is an ending to a question or statement and story. Data is when you are collecting important information for your research.