Tree Conservation

Trevor and Skyler

Good for the Environment

  • Prevent storm water from carrying pollutants
  • Street with trees can reduce the amount of runoff water by 327 gallons.
  • An acre of trees can eliminate the amount of CO2 in the air by as much as driving a car 26,000 miles
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Provide Oxygen

  • Single tree produces 3/4 of the oxygen a human needs.
  • One acre can provide oxygen for 18 people.

Help with Energy Costs

  • The shade from a tree can reduce energy bill by $250.
  • Help to cool cities by 10 degrees
  • They can help reduce the cost of air conditioning by 50%.


You can help by planting a tree. One tree can have a big impact on your life. Not only can you add more to the environment, but help people out in the process. Trees can provide shade and in the hot summer months, help to reduce the cost of air conditioning by providing shade.

Don't Cut

Try to avoid removing trees unless absolutely necessary. When wanting to build a new addition to a house, such as a shed. Try to find an area that is open. One where trees are not present and would not have to be cut down.
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