Weekly Update

September 19

Welcome to our SMORE flyer update!

It was wonderful to see so many parents on Tuesday night! I hope this update is helpful in giving you a snapshot of our week- I hope to add pictures soon!

Have a great weekend!

Word Study

Words Study next week will continue to focus on prefixes. This week, students used the words to practice alphabetical order and breaking words into syllables. The spelling test on the words was given today. Next week, students will focus on the meanings of the words and using them correctly in writing; a vocabulary quiz will be given on Friday (9/26). Students are on the lookout for words with the prefixes: dis-, fore-, mis-, in-, im- and pre-.


We have gotten in the groove for smoothly switching classes for math instruction. Math 5 students are working on the geometry unit complete with measuring and identifying angles, triangles and quadrilaterals. Math 5/6 is work on order of operations. Please continue to brush up on all of those math facts at home - mastery of the facts makes math much less stressful! :)

Language Arts

We continue to build stamina for Read to Self during language arts time. I am spending part of each language arts block conferencing with the kids; they are reading some wonderful books and sharing their book recommendations. Thank you for the many recent book contributions to our shelves! Students are also writing about their reading and applying skills learned in mini-lessons to their independent reading.

I showed the kids an excellent site for finding the guided reading level of the books they are reading: http://www.scholastic.com/bookwizard/ Have your 5th grader show you how helpful it is!

Currently, our read aloud is Chasing Vermeer by Blue Balliett; this book is part mystery and part art appreciation! Our reading mini-lessons center around this book so students are building auditory processing skills as they must applying their comprehension to various assignments.


Our unit on Matter is rolling along (a little inside molecule humor!). We are investigating physical properties and how to measure matter. Next we will explore atoms, mixtures, compounds and elements.

GT Referrals

The fall county deadline for gifted referrals is October 15th.

For detailed information about Hanover County’s program and screening procedures, please follow this linkhttp://bit.ly/ZTnh3E. The first page has information about Hanover County’s gifted program and the blue links at the top take you to Screening & Identification, Traits, and Services.

If you are considering making a referral, please contact Mrs. Corbin Franklin, CSES Gifted Resource Teacher, for more information at cfranklin@hcps.us.