MEMS Principal's Update

Summer / Fall 2021

Welcome to the 2021-2022 School Year

Parents and Guardians and Students

On behalf of the MEMS staff, I am excited to welcome you to the 2021-2022 school year. I am very hopeful that we are well on our way back to “normal” and that this year we are able to provide all of our students with a traditional MEMS experience. This year we will be running our full day schedule and all of our students will be in school five days per week. Additionally, we are running all of our co-curricular activities, including sports.

We are looking forward to a productive partnership with you to ensure our students can achieve their highest potential. Our dedicated, caring, and experienced staff is eager to work with you to help your child grow academically and socially throughout this year. Please note the important information below for the start of the school year:

  • Contact Tracing: Per state guidelines we will continue to contact trace and quarantine students and staff when there are confirmed cases of COVID-19 in school. Students who are vaccinated and not showing symptoms will not have to quarantine in the event they are close contacts. If your child is vaccinated and you would like to share this information for contact tracing purposes you may share proof of vaccination with the school nurse.

  • Lunch: in order to maintain three feet of social distance, students will be split into two areas for lunch. Seventh grade will eat at tables in the auxiliary gym while the eighth grade will eat in the cafeteria. All students will have access to the same lunch. Students will be seated by homeroom.

More information on September will be forthcoming as we get closer to the start of the school year. As we are in a time when information is coming at us rapidly, I encourage all of our parents to sign-up for the MEMS Virtual backpack. I also encourage you to follow MEMS on social media at Twitter @MEMS_Principal and Facebook -ManalapanEnglishtownmiddle School. Both of these are also linked to the MEMS website

I look forward to seeing everyone in September. Again, I would like to welcome you to the 2021-2022 school year and to the MEMS community. I am sure you find MEMS is a place alive with energy, enthusiasm, and high standards. More importantly, I know you find that MEMS is a place where you and your child will feel a true sense of community.

Should you have any questions about this or anything regarding the start of the school year, please feel free to contact the main office at 732-786-2650.


Dr. Michael Fiorillo

Parent Portal/ Class Schedule:

We anticipate the parent portal opening on the afternoon of Friday, August 20th. Please note, you will need to acknowledge all required forms prior to viewing your child/ children’s schedules. Bus passes will be available on the Parent Portal at the end of August. Click here for more information.

7th Grade Orientation

Please click here to review all of our important back to school information for new MEMS students If you have any questions as a new parent/ student to MEMS I highly recommend you review our orientation website. It allows you to get an introduction to many of our teachers and coaches. Additionally there is information regarding our schedule and your best points of contact for questions.

Summer Reading and Math

Please make sure your child has completed their summer reading and math work. Summer assignments can be found by clicking here.

Parent Drop off and Pick-Up Locations

Click here for the MEMS drop off and pick up Map

Parent Drop off and Pick up:

    • Doors for parent drop off will begin at 7:15. Please do not show up prior to this as it will create a backlog onto the road and may block bus arrival.

    • Parent drop off and pick are in two different locations.

    • All parent drop off will follow the arrows for 7th grade and drop off students outside of the cafeteria.

    • 7th Grade parent pick up will be at the same location as drop off. Follow the traffic pattern. There are arrows painted in the road to indicate the traffic pattern.

    • 8th Grade pick up will enter through the lane to the right of 7th Grade pick-up and follow the signs to the 8th Grade location.

    • If you have siblings in multiple grades, they are to go to the 8th Grade pick up location.

    • Both 7th and 8th Grade parent pick up will follow the posted signs to merge into one exit lane.

    • The attached map outlines the routes.

A Look Back at the 2020-2021 School Year


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