Friday 2/12/16

The Day Ms. West Isn't There 😭

2. Finish IXL's that you've worked this week in centers.

After you play the Quizizz, get onto IXL and work on M.17, M.18, and M.19. Most of you should have gotten these to 70% in your centers this week. At this point, you need to complete them to 100%.

3. Finish BOTH TenMarks Assignments

After IXL, you need to make sure that BOTH of the TenMarks assignments are completed from your centers.

4. Computation Sheet

Once you have both IXL and TenMarks finished from our centers, you will need to complete the computation sheet that Ms. MacDiarmid has. She may have already passed it out to you or you may have to ask for it. It has 10 questions and they are REVIEW questions. If you need help, check your math notebook for refreshers on how to solve those problems. You must SHOW ALL of your work on that paper.

5. Moby Max Math OR iReady Math (Your Choice!)

If you get all of that completed, AWESOME! Go you! You may choose between Moby Max Math or iReady Math. Please make sure you are completing lessons on both and not playing games.

Have A Great Long Weekend! See You Tuesday! 😊