By: Sam Marttila

What is Biotechnology?

Biotechnology is a branch of engineering that uses biological science to compare the workers with their environment. Biotechnology usually puts genes in viruses or bacteria to try to find a cure to something. Ever since penicillin and insulin were created with biotechnology, biotechnology has made a big difference in the treatment of illnesses. Biotechnology is used in agriculture by using techniques to improve plants and animals. Recombinant DNA and biotechnology are used to form proteins not normally produced in a cell. With the advances of biotechnology, bio-remediation has been able to utilize microorganisms to reduce concentration and toxicity of chemical pollutants. The disadvantages of biotechnology is that it can improve the growth of harmful chemicals, and loss of biodiversity.

Career that uses Biotechnology

North Carolina is ranked eighth in biotechnology!

This is a map of where all the biotechnology research centers are located.