Fusion Foundations Training: Part 3

Compensation & More

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R+F Training: Part Three

SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!! In this section, we will talk about how we get paid, how we qualify for incentives, and everything else you need to know about promotions.

Acronyms 101

• PSQV – your personal sales - biz kits from new consultants, monthly orders from consultants & personal preferred customers
• PCV – Preferred Customer Volume – your preferred customers sales
• CRP – Consultant Replenishment Program – YOUR monthly product order
• SV – your CRP + Pulse; also includes any retail purchases made on your .com site
• CV – Commissionable Volume – wholesale price and amount you earn on
• PC – Preferred Customer - PC Perks program - sign up on your .com site
• EC – Executive Consultant – you’ve hit your $600 in sales.

How am I commissionable?

You must have $100 in SV (sales volume) to be a commissionable consultant. This is satisfied by your PULSE ($25) website subscription and monthly CRP ($80). If you have a retail sale that month, you are able to turn off your CRP if you don’t need personal product as the Retail sale will go towards your 100 in SV.

Once you are commissionable, your PSQV helps determines your promotions and pay rate. PSQV should be at least $600 a month to hit EC. One way you get this to never ever be an issue is by adding Consultants to your team. When you have 6 consultants under you, each of their $100 each month fulfills your $600. Your new Consultants Business Kits also count towards your PSQV so if you add at least ONE business partner every month for your first 6 months, their business kit will cover your $600 each month and then by month 7, your 600 is covered by their $100 SV so you are always EC! If you add more than one business partner each month, you can get there much more quickly!

The other way to make sure you hit your EC minimum each month is to set up two launches in your first two consecutive months to create a solid Preferred Customer base. The group that purchases in month 1 will hopefully reorder in month 3, and those who purchased product at your second launch in month 2, will hopefully reorder in month 4. Then you can just continue to add to your PC base!

In a perfect world, you will have a nice blend of both Consultants and Preferred Customers, all of whom contribute towards your PSQV!

To monitor your PSQV, download the Pulse App on your phone. Go to MY STATS and click estimate at the first of every month to see how your month looks! And once you get consultants under you, you can monitor their estimated sales as well by looking under MY ORGANIZATION and checking their stats! You can also see this on your Pulse website under Performance – Vital Signs.

Levels & Promotions

• C – Consultant – when you first sign up until you hit $600 in sales or any month thereafter where you do not reach your $600 in PSQV
• EC – Executive Consultant –$600 in PSQV sales in a particular month
• L1 - Level 1 EC - 1 of your consultants has made EC in a particular month
• L2 - Level 2 EC - 2 of your consultants have made EC in a particular month
• L3 - Level 3 EC - 4 of your consultants have made EC in a particular month
• L4 - Level 4 EC - 6 of your consultants have made EC in a particular month
• L5 - Level 5 EC - 8 of your consultants have made EC in a particular month
• Premiere L5 - 10 EC legs + 1 personally sponsored L5 in a particular month
• Lexus Driver- L5 with 125k Organizational Volume in a particular month
• Elite L5- 125k org volume + 12 EC legs + 3 personally sponsored L5’s in a particular month
• RFx- 125k org volume + 15 EC legs + 5 personally sponsored L5’s in a particular month

At Level 5, you are getting commission on all 5 generations of your organization. Your pay scale is determined by how many of your consultants are hitting EC each month. Each month you are PAID AS whatever promotion you receive that month. But you are RECOGNIZED AS the highest level you have achieved in any given quarter. Beyond Level 5 are the fancy titles where you earn a free car and lots of free trips to places like Napa, Hawaii, Bora Bora, Paris, and Thailand…just to name a few. Plus, at this point you are making really significant money. But for now, let’s just focus on hitting EC and getting you to L2 so you can earn that bonus!

How Do I get Paid?


Retail profit is the difference between the retail price and the Wholesale (CV) price of our products. When a customer signs up as a PC, you get that profit, PLUS the 15% commission on the CV (commissionable volume) amount.

* Example: REDEFINE Regimen is $174 for PC’s. The wholesale price is $145. So, you get $29 (retail profit) plus 15% of 145 (the CV amount), which is $21.75 so you get $50.75 on that sale. IF they don’t sign up as a PC, you get the retail profit but it does NOT go towards your PSQV. If you have a retail sale, it goes towards your SV. So, if you didn’t need anything for CRP that month, you could turn off CRP that month as long as your retail sale is over $80.


The big money comes from building a team to do this with you!! Donald Trump told Jay Leno if he lost ALL of his money tomorrow, he’d find a great product and start up a MLM (multi-level marketing) company because it’s the fastest way to make money via exponentially duplicated sales volume. THIS is why building a team is so much better than just selling products. People ask me if I focus more on selling products or recruiting team members. I always lead with the business. I think EVERYONE should be doing the business.

Selling products will make you money, yes. But building an organization will fulfill your biggest goals. Keep in mind – we get paid on customer sales, so it’s not about building a team just to build a team. Building a team benefits you because it allows you to be paid on all of the customers in your organization not just your own personal customers! As you build a team, you will get paid on the following:

* For all the consultants you sign up directly under you, you make 15% on their kit purchase
* For all of your PC customers, you make 15% of those sales plus the retail profit (this adds up to a little over 30% of the sale). Every time they order for the duration of their membership. Unless you become inactive or terminate.
* For everyone in your L2-L6 generations, you get 5% of their PSQV (kit purchases & consultants CRP & Pulse & PC sales volume)
* Once you hit RFx, you get an extra 2.5% on your 7th level, which can double your paycheck!


These come each month depending on how many Consultants you sign up in a calendar month:
* 2 Cs per month-$250
* 3 Cs per month-$400
* 4 Cs per month-$550
* Each additional C = additional $150


There are some great promotion bonuses. Here are just a few examples:
* When YOU promote to L2 by the end of your second full month in business, you will get your entire initial investment back in the form of a bonus. If one of your Cs qualifies for this, YOU get a $250 bonus.
* Hit Premiere Level 5 and you qualify for an all expense paid trip to Napa. You must hit three consecutive months (plus December) to earn the trip.
* Hit Elite Level 5 and you qualify for an all expense paid trip to Maui. You must hit three consecutive months (plus December) to earn the trip.

And trust me, it only gets BETTER from there!

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