Titian- a Renaissance Artist

by Martin Higgins

About Titian

- Tiziano Vecelli [Titian] was speculated to be born in between 1477 and 1488

- Titian died in Venice,Italy on August 27, 1576

- Spent most of his life in Venice where he died

- At 9 Titian traveled to Venice with is brother Francesco to learn from Sebastiano Zuccati and then after studied with Giovanni Bellini

- Worked with Giorgione so closely that their styles were impossible to tell apart from eachother

- He became prosperous enough to rent a palace where he lived for the rest of his life

- Created many mythological and religious paintings such as, the Flora and his series of Old Testament ceiling paintings

- Many of his paintings during the middle of his painting career created a mood-evoking atmosphere and featured many different ideas

- His patrons were Ferrara, the Gonzagas, the Duke of Urbino, and Charles V

- Most associated with Humanism due to his enormous amount of detail to humans in his paintings

Martyrdom of St. Peter Martyr

- This painting was created in 1526 throught 1530 and was destroyed 1867, inspired by Michelangelo's art works

- Known as Titians greatest masterpeice, before destruction

- "involved a new feeling for heroic and dramatic action which is explained by Titian's acquaintance with the art of Michelangelo and the central Italians"(Wethey 2)

- I find it intresting that even though the artists of the time were fighting over who gained the most fame, Titian takes ideas of other popular artists and adds his own style to it creating the uniqueness which makes him famous.

- He displays humanism in how he displays emotions in the way he has the peoples facial expressions, and also how he shows the body language. He spends alot of time detailing the human figures to make them look as real life as possible.

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