The Cretaceous Time

144-66 million years ago


The environment is forests,volcanic during the Cretaceous period.It also had lots of trees,bushes,and one volcano.


Continents move toward their presents day positions,as South America splits from Africa.Widespread volcanic activity occurs.


During the late Cretaceous the global climate was warmer than today’s climate.No ice existed at the poles.Dinosaurs migrated between the warm tem and cool temp zone as the seasons changed.

Animals and Plant

There are Triceratops, Centrosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Parasaurolophus, and Tyrannosaurus rex.Some plants are, Mesozoic Era angiosperms included magnolias, laurel, barberry, early sycamores, and palms.

What you will see

Flowering plants,flowers, dinosaurs, snakes,volcanos,and lots of trees and bushes.

What to pack

I would pack long pants,long shirt,water,food,umbrella, and Lots of water


dinosaurs,snakes,volcanos,poisonous plants,andcharging animals

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