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Focus On The Training Of The Shoulder

On itself noted that a similar approach to training - misleading. Thrown even one part of the body, the person receives the same damage only other "edge". Once I am in my training, faced with the fact that he found the lag deltoids from all other groups. Naturally, I developed a program-specialization and began to "peck" this part of the body, and, training in this period could be almost every day. The biggest mistake I made in this moment, it is weakening, but rather a complete lack of load on the lower body. Thus it happened that the top of the body get a good, even an excessive burden, and the bottom did not get it at all.

During this period, I completely stopped to perform basic exercises and focused on the training of the shoulder girdle. Oddly enough, but such a method has not led to anything good. And the thing is that without training base load are basically inferior. In other words, only through basic exercises, you can get the best possible result in the training.

What I really achieved during training with incomplete load so that a certain amount of relief of muscle mass. Only through basic exercises processes occur prior to mass growth. From all this, I concluded that if any specialized program I should always perform basic exercises. In theory it may sound complicated, but in practice much easier.