The Logical, Linear, Left Brain

Life on the analytical side

Those who are left brain dominant tend to look at the world from a linear, analytical approach. Realistic perceptions, linear thoughts, and strengths in logic are a few of the many characteristics attributed to those with a dominant left brain.

realistic perceptions

One of the most unique parts about left brain dominant people is their ability to view life as it really is. This is due to the left brain's primary function of being able to objectively and analytically view situations. This heightened self awareness makes left brained people more attentive and adaptive to change than those who are right brain dominant.

linear thoughts

Unlike right brain dominant people, those with the left brain advantage tend to go in sequential order with most things. Whether it be reading a magazine or telling a story, they will primarily start at the beginning and go to the end. Similarly, those with left brain dominance pay attention to detail rather than looking at the big picture, viewing events more analytically than their right brained counterparts. The sequential processing of events by the left brain plays into their strengths of paying attention to facts and details.

strengths in logic

Left brain dominant people tend to gravitate towards occupations that apply to their strengths; mathematics, reading, writing, spelling, etc. Some examples of jobs held by left brained people include judges, lawyers, bankers, and scientists.

They also thrive in areas of organization and list making, benefiting from planning and structure. People with primarily left brained minds tend to think and learn in words rather than pictures.


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