Dengue Fever

by : Cade Maras


Dengue Fever is a Misquito born virus and it is mostly in sub-Tropical regions. In most cases it is not fatal but if not treated it can cause death in rare cases.


Dengue fever can be prevented by getting a vaccine. The even easier way is to use bug spray with at least 20% DEET to keep away the Mosquito that spread the virus.

Risk Factors

You are at risk of getting Dengue Fever if you live in Sub-Tropical areas. the people who have had Dengue Fever and have recovered are at a even higher risk to get it again.


The symptoms of Dengue Fever are very bad in an extreme case. people can die from the high fever and the stomach problems. some of the symptoms are bleeding from the eyes and ears. you can also vomit a lot you also have very bad joint pain.


Dengue fever as you know is spread by mosquitoes and that mosquito is called the Aedes Mosquito. these mosquito are very aggressive and bite a lot of people. they are found in Sub-Tropical places and are very common. some of the best ways to keep them away is to use a Therma-Cell or use insect repellent with at least 20% DEET

Where is dengue fever

Dengue fever is mainly in sub-tropical areas and it is also in some places that have mosquitoes. there is dengue fever all around the world but the mosquitoes there are not as aggressive as the Aedes mosquito.

other similar diseases

there are two other kinds of dengue. they are not as bad as dengue fever they are called dengue shock syndrome and dengue hemorrhagic fever.

affected organs

The organs that are affected are the stomach, the muscle and joins and the skin. the most affected are the muscle and joints. they will hurt to move and bruise. the stomach is also affected and it will not hold anything, and you just throw up what you eat or drink you also get a bad rash


there is a vaccine to prevent dengue fever and it is a great thing. it will not cure dengue fever but it will prevent it. the problem with it is that the people who really need it cant afford it so in that case it will not help


40% people live in areas where dengue fever is present. there are 22,000 deaths each year. and there are 100 million cases every year. it has also been reported in all 48 continental states.

recent cases

there have been 283 cases in the USA in the past month and many many more around the world

pump it up

how to keep the public safe... we can stay away from mosquito and use DEET. we can also tell them what it is so then they will know the symptoms and go to the ER. they will also be smart about it.

dengue fever in iowa

dengue fever in Iowa there have been four cases in Iowa in the past year and one of the four have been in Johnson county and they were all cured and they are fine now!


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