Final Solution Death Camps

By Alex Mullen

A Walk Through Auschwitz I Concentration Camp | In 1080p HD

Overview of Video

This video shows a good viewing of a nazi death camp and shows how they worked and what it was like in them. It shows the bunks, the gas chamber and everything in the camp.
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Picture of Life in Death Camp

This picture shows how in the death camps the prisoners were worked and how they were treated so poorly. It also shows how when the they were worked until they couldn't work anymore then were sent to the gas chamber.
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Death Camp picture of Prisoners

This image shows the terrible conditions that the Jews had to live in, in the death camps. This image gives a better visual for how scared these people were.

Death Camps overview

Death camps were used by the Nazis to kill as many jews and other people put in the camps as quickly and efficiently as possible. The first death camp on polish soil was Chelmno and was made on December 8, 1941. Gas chambers were built in all the death camps, there were no selections in these camps everyone who was sent to these camps were sent to the gas chambers as soon as they got there. Bodies of the dead were burned to get rid of the evidence of the killings. Few were selected for working in these camps but after working for a few months in terrible conditions were also sent to the gas chambers.