La Familia

Ms. Cardona Spanish 1

Proyecto / Project

Objetivo/ Objective:

*Students will identify each family member using familiar sentences in Spanish to readers and listeners.


0.1.C.03, 01.C.06

Instructiones/ Instructions:

1. Create a Thinglink account

2. Upload a family picture that includes atleast 5 family members "No LESS".

3. Create a "tag" on each family member.

4. On each "tag" identify in a complete sentence or sentences "who it is and their name" all in Spanish.

5. Attach link to google classroom and turn in.

6. You will present your final project to the class in Spanish.

Fecha de inicio/ Starting Date

3 de diciembre

Fecha de entrega/ Due Date

4 de diciembre

press to go directly to website.


This is just an example with one tag created of my family. Remember your final project should include atleast 5 members, no less!