The Rain forests of the Sea

Nicole Golub


It really is incredible to think that there are over 70,000 types of coral living in the ocean! It is so interesting to know about a coral’s habitat, diet, and structure, and I never knew these marvelous, fluorescent organisms in the ocean have so much intriguing information about them. Coral are important to the ocean and society today because they provide medicine, offer habitats for other organisms, and act as a breeding ground for marine life.


It really is fascinating to learn about a coral’s diet, habitat, and structure. I never knew coral can live up to 10 million years! Coral are incredible creatures and when scuba divers take a glimpse of these beautiful sea animals, they can’t believe their eyes. The world today wouldn’t be the same without these magnificent marine life!

Coral Quizzle

Test your knowledge on coral by taking this quizzle!

My Diorama

Take a glimpse of my under the sea diorama that I made in school!
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Coral Poem

Here I wrote a poem in Google Draw about how coral are so great!
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Go Fish

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I had so much fun participating in the Go Fish part of our Australia unit! My favorite part was picking the fish to go into the aquarium. Here are the fish I chose: one Bleeding Heart Tetra (3in, $5.19), one Elephant Ear Halfmoon Betta (2in, $25.00), two of the Blue Damsel (2in, $4.23), one Green Mandarin Goby (4in, $14.00), one Strawberry Dottyback (3.5in, $10.00), and one Lyretail Anthias (4in, $25.59). The subtotal inches of fish was 20.5 inches. I came $1.07 over my budget and thankfully the teachers let it slide. The tank was a 20 gallon tank to support all the fish. I bought 6 decorations for the little fishys to hide and swim through along with food, thermometer, salt, gravel, filter cartridges, and a filter. I had $91.29 to spend on live fish. This was one of my favorite parts of our Australia unit and if only this aquarium could come to life, everything would be so much better!

Video on Coral Reef

Life On The Coral Reef [HD]