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Heather Smith & Adriane Reinelt

June 3, 2016

Classroom Calendar

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Looking Forward- Important Dates

Monday, June 13th- Last full day, last hot lunch

Tuesday, June 14th- Half day, dismiss @ 11:45 No afternoon Kids Connection

Wednesday, June 15th- Last Day of School: Half day, dismiss @ 11:45 No afternoon Kids Connection No backpacks

Field Day- June 10

Important info:

-Please have your child wear tennis shoes and appropriate clothes for the weather

-Put on sunscreen before school

-Bring a water bottle

-Our class is wearing WHITE shirts

James and the Giant Peach permission slip

There is a permission slip coming home in Friday folders to allow your child to watch James and the Giant Peach. We have read the book during read aloud and now we will be watching the movie to compare and contrast the two and look deeper into themes.

DUE: Thursday, June 9

Leader in Me

Leaders participated in a teamwork activity. Each leader was given a piece of a puzzle to color and cut out. They did not know what they were doing besides their own independent activity. After everyone was done we began to build our puzzle poster. Leaders did all of the planning and puzzle building on their own and I was so incredibly proud of their amazing teamwork!! They worked together and completed the puzzle quickly and were able to read the message "good luck next year". Next they were challenged to complete the puzzle without using words. Again, they did a great job working together and planning. What a great experience for all :) Take a look at our finished puzzle inserted below.

Habit review- We have begun to review habits 1-3 and explaining the most important thing we have learned about each.

Leader in Me Home Learning Conversation: Ask your leader what they have learned about habit 1-3 and how they apply it their life currently and how they can continue to apply it in the future.
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Math - Comparing Fractions

We have been continuing to explore fractions this week by comparing fractions using different models such as fraction bars, fraction circles, and fraction number lines using the following mathematical language: equivalent (equal), greater than, and less than.

  • We continue to remain SECURE in our understanding that a fraction represents a part of a whole.
  • We continue to remain SECURE in our understanding of representing various fractions by drawing and shading fraction parts in different models (bars, circles, etc).
  • We are now SECURE in explaining similarities and differences between fractions by using the following mathematical language: equivalent (equal), greater than, and less than.
  • We are BEGINNING to understand that there are fractions equal to and greater that one such as 3/3 and 6/3.

Math Home Learning Conversation: Have your mathematician share his/her learning of fractions by comparing similarities and differences between fractions.

Reading- Must Read Books

Readers began to create a list of must read books for future 3rd graders. They were able to reflect on how much they have grown as a reader and revisit favorite books from the past!

Reading Home Learning Conversation: Ask your reader to share some of their favorite books from third grade.

Writing- Welcome to 3rd grade packet

Writers reflected on the experiences and all of the amazing things we have learned this year. We worked on a welcome to 3rd grade packet to help give next year's third graders an insight into what to expect for third grade. For each subject writers said what was their favorite thing and also some challenging aspects to prepare for. Writers also gave insight on the teacher and the classroom expectations. This was a great review and reflection on all of the things we have learned and accomplished in this year!

Writing Home Learning Conversation: Ask your writer to discuss their favorite parts of third grade and some of their favorite learning activities.

Social Studies - Early Michigan People / American Colonists

We have been researching the influence of American colonists on Michigan by exploring the following questions:

  • Where did they come from?
  • How did they get to Michigan?
  • Why did they come to Michigan?
  • Who did they interact with?
  • What events are important to Michigan's early history.

We are demonstrating our understanding by creating journal entries as American colonists. Our culminating project is to create an Early Michigan History journal that includes all four of our journal entries (Michigan Native American, French Fur Trader, British soldier, American colonist).

Social Studies Home Learning Conversation: Ask your historian to share what he/she has learned about the American colonists.

Physical Science - Force & Motion

We will be "rolling" on to our next science unit Force & Motion. Our first investigation will focus on understanding the effects of gravity and the principles involved in the act of balancing objects. Then we'll "speed" things up by examining the factors involved through force and motion using various cars and ramp heights.

Science Home Learning Connection: Ask your scientist for updates on his/her experiences in these investigations throughout next week.