New Horizons: A Journey to Pluto

Sreya Mulukutla and Grace Hewlett

Background Info

  • NASA launched probe to Pluto in 2006
  • Expected to land in July
  • Will visit one or more Kuiper Belt Objects beyond Pluto

Impact on the World

  • Info about life on Pluto and places away from the sun
  • Prove how Earth and Pluto are similar
  • Info on how planets were made


  • Found an active Tvastar volcano on Jupiter
  • Found polar ice caps on Pluto
  • Taken the first picture of Jupiter's Little Red Dot
  • Seen something different in Jupiter's moon Io
  • Seen more moons orbiting Pluto

Design and Building: Command and Data

  • processor gives commands to each system and sends the informations back to Earth
  • can carry two - low power solid states that hold 8 gigabytes each
  • main processor can collect and send information back to Earth

Design and Building: Thermal Control

  • able to keep heat like a thermos
  • covered in gold colored, multi - layer thermal insulation
  • electronics heat helped spacecraft maintain the heat
  • monitors power levels inside the spacecraft to make sure there is enough heat and electricity
  • a drop below 150 watts will turn the safety heaters on
  • heater vents open when temperatures are too high
NASA probe sends back first color image of Pluto
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