By Bailey

Do llamas live in the desert?

No! They live in south americas west coast,The andeans hightlands and south east peru. If they lived in the desert then they would die because they need colder temputers.Since llamas can get sun burnt easily,that means they need shade and lots of water.Llamas are kinda like me and you.So the next time you are out in the hot think of llams they are like me and you.

What do llamas eat?

Llamas usally eat alot of differnd things. Their diet consists of leaves,hay and grass,but they sometimes look for prey like coyotes and wolves. Since thety have a very big diet,they only eat in the mornings and nights they eat kinda like us humands . For example they eat apples carrots and oats.

What is a llamas life expectancy?

Mostly llamas live 15-29 years.Because some llamas are bornd with health condition , they could live the full life expectancy or could live a few years.They could live 20-30 years if well cared for , but if they are not, then they live 15-29 years.The main thing is if they have better nutrition and good health , they will live a long time.

what are some interesting facts about llamas?

Did you know that llamas lived in south America for 1,000 years. Although llamas have been cared for in barns and other places there are still some in the wild. llama are very close to camels,and they are in the same family.Llamas have three stomachs. they use the stomachs to store food incase they can not find anymore food for a while.When llamas have babys they are called a crai.