Is the Constitution Important?

By: Chaise Enderle

What is the Constitution?

The Constitution of the United States is the supreme law of the USA.

What does the Constitution do for us?

The constitution gave us rights like freedom of speech, religion, the choice to right our opinions on anything in the paper or in public, right against slavery, The right to criticize the government without punishment, and the right to protest whatever you want. But the most important ones the we use every day are the Freedom of speech and religion.

What life would be like without the constitution.

Without the bill of rights life would be very different, there would be slaves, Women would not be able to vote, When the president died in office there would be no one to take over. Life would be very different and unorganized.

Is it even important?

Yes, the constitution is VERY important. It is very important because without it people would have close to no rights or freedom at all. Without it we would have no freedom of religion or speech and it would be very bad. So yes the Constitution is VERY important.