Immigration In Canada

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Trying to come to canada?

If you want to come to Canada as an immigrant you would have to do a test fot the government. You do this test and see if u qualify to come to Canada. They way the test works, at the start of the test it will tell you that there will be 100 possible points you can get on this test and you need 65 points at the end of the test to be qualified. The test will ask questions like, what kind of education do you have, what do you have for a job, It will ask you about your health. At the beginning of each question it will tell you the possible points you can get for this question, but when you answer the question it will tell you how much points you get. At the end of the test it will add up all your points you got and see if u had enough to qualify. That's how the immigration test works.

Why canada is a great place to come to?


Canada is a great country to come to because, we have great nature and mountains. Are country is very good like for examples of why I say that its because everyone get treated equal and you have the same rights as everyone once your a citizen I believe. In Canada it doesn't matter what race you are or color or whatever you are it doesn't matter in Canada everyone is the same here. In Canada you have mobility rights, you can leaving and enter Canada once your a citizen. I think Canada will be a great choice to come for immigration, you and your family will be happy here.