Car designer

Justin 7th hour


1.) Always stay on task

2.) dont start a project until you have finished designing one that you have started.

3.) Always be creative and think outside the box.

4.) dont be afraid to share you ideas with someone you trust

5.) dont just draw one kind of sketch add some interesting flares of pencil marks.

Working conditions and work place

1.) One thing about your workplace is it has to be clean and well organized.

2.) Also you will need to be able to share idea's without hesitation.

3.) Another thing about your workplace is that it has to were there are items that you will need fo when you do or complete your task.

4.) A working condition is were the room is quiet or the room is loud.

5.) A example of work place is who you work with kind people, snobby people, or if the are the rudest or kindest this is an example of workplace.