ULTRA Coders Crack Enemy Codes

"PURPLE" and "ENIGMA" Crack Under ULTRA Coders

Summary of Event

Ultra, Purple, Enigma, think I'm mad? Keep reading to find out if I am. Ultra was a allied code name for a group of people. Ultra was a master mission to crack German's code Enigma and Japanese code Purple. This was a important part of World War II because, it help learn top secret information about both Japan and Germany. Ultra was not just to help against enemy forces, but to help with the Allies as well. The Allies used ultra to help move convoys across that Atlantic. They did this by using Ultra to tell where to U-boats were going to be placed. It also helped when This is just one of many examples of how Ultra was used.


You've heard the basics, now, let's get into a little bit more detail. First off, we need to understand ciphering is to understand a ciphering and deciphering machine. Ciphering machines and deciphering machine were used a lot in World War 2. Furthermore, ciphering is the act of taking normal words like "Hey" and turning it into "8 5 25". An example of a ciphering code is the Enigma code. Therefore, deciphering would be the opposite (See if you can figure out the code before you move on.

So, turning "8 5 25" and realizing that it's the number of the letters stop, and turning it back into "Hey". How some of the ciphering machine worked, would be like if you typed "AAA", the dashboard would flash with your code "GKQ". Then they would use morse code to transmit it to another person who has the same machine. They would type in the same thing, "GKQ" and it would come out with what it was, "AAA". That was how Enigma worked, some were even more complex. Overall, ciphering and deciphering was just a way to keep information secret, and there are many methods that can be learned.

Now that you some what understand ciphering and deciphering, let's get into Ultra. Ultra was a group of people that was responsible for deciphering the Enigma code using Tunny. Tunny was their ciphering and deciphering machine. Now, where. Where for this topic is a question that could be answered two different ways (Where did they break it, and where was it used). They crack the code (Answering where did they break it) at Bletchley Park. The second part is that, after they got the information to crack the code in Great Britain, they sent it to the U.S. So basically, Ultra was a group of people that crack the code.

How did they crack the enemy code and did it influence the war. Enigma was the German ciphering machine, and the Enigma code is the code it used. Enigma was cracked by the group Ultra in December 1931. What is Enigma? Well is Enigma was the German code used by people on the field, so like German soldiers. This is important to know because someone at high ranking in the German military, like Hitler, didn't use Enigma, he used a different code. So to rap it up and stop making you read, Ultra Vs Enigma was a intelligence war the lead to great leaps in strategy.

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  • Poland started recreating the German Enigma machine and handed the information about the machine over to Britain.
  • ULTRA was a big part in the Battle of the Atlantic and finding the position of the U-boats.
  • The machine used by upper German command was called Tunny and lower command was Enigma.
  • The first Tunny decipher machine, Heath Robinson, was named after a British cartoonist.
  • Bletchley Park was the main base for all British code breakers.


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