Encrypted files storage


The right way to Store Bulk Data Online Securely and Make Secure Private Video Calls?

Are you currently fretting about the unwanted spreading, alteration or visibility of the confidential data? Try Securedbox. io today to experience the most efficient Encrypted files storage support online. The best place to store plenty of personal data is Securedbox. io. Just store your own essential files online and remain relax regarding their protection. Secured Box also avails your clients with the option to transfer data to your guaranteed box online. Apart from the secure file storage, you will also take pleasure in the confidential peer to peer movie conference calls and no historical past or image will be remaining online after the termination from the call. For making Secure movie calls, you will have to fill the e-mail addresses of the people, you want to include in your video conference. Get more details in relation to Secured Box

Special advantages:

Whilst choosing the secure video contact option, you will be able to add no more than 16 people in your meeting and enjoy the seamless as well as safe video call extravagance. You will receive sufficient protection and hence there will be no need to set up any external data or even call security software. The very best features of the services include:

• Easy to use service
• Huge data security capability
• SSL encryption, Eavesdropping protection and P2P connection
• No disclosure of secured data to the operator
• No third party can have the control to secure and reveal data or make any changes to the box
• Affordable services and long-term benefits

Why to go for Securedbox.io?

Securedbox. io is a very easy and helpful choice for corporate experts to coordinate with a particular team and control the actual file sharing process. Regardless of you own a small size, moderate size or a large size company; you will always relish numerous benefits from the secured fog up storage and secure movie conference call amenity through Secured Box.