"Don't have a Kit-Kat Break"

Greenpeace is calling for a boycott of Nestle Kit-Kat bars

Give them a break.

Greenpeace, the international campaign to stop global environmental issues, is calling for a boycott of Nestle Kit-Kat chocolate bars. In production, Nestle uses palm oil. Palm oil is exported from indonesia, where its production leads to destruction of rainforests.

A Greenpeace representative had this to say:

¨We're not blaming nestle for the destruction of the rainforest, we are just asking that they stop supporting companies which negatively impact the environment. The rainforest is one of the most diverse and important ecosystems on earth. It helps to regulate climate and absorb CO2 for the whole world. Many species make their habitats only in the rainforest and face endangerment or extinction if destruction continues. For many people the renewable resources of the rainforest are their livelihood.

¨People can show nestle they won´t stand for products that are made of ingrediants that harm the enviroment by not buying nestle Kit Kat bars. It is the responsibility of consumers to stop and say ´No, we will not by products whose production hurts the environment ´. ¨

Have a break?