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December 2015

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Tis the Season!

The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is often one of the busiest times for individuals and families. With the many opportunities to attend concerts, ballgames, plays, sometimes we forget to take time to reflect on the joy of the season. May you take time to see the joy in a gift that lights up the eyes of the recipient, the twinkle of a Santa's eyes as he listens to a child's wishes, and the gleam of mischief in the one who is trying to get on that nice list.

I wish for you and yours this season a joy that is beyond comprehension. May your personal and work families be full of good tidings as our holiday break approaches. May you see the twinkle in the eye of the child who knows he has aced a test, the glint of mischief in the eye of the teacher who is trying not to laugh at your ugly holiday sweater, and may you see an outpouring of giving as we help others. May the many issues of the year come to an end, and a sense of peace and joy settle over each building so learning is at an optimal level. May you know daily you make a positive difference in the lives of children and staff as you lead the learning and carry the torch for success for ALL.

Enjoy this month's newsletter and may you find it helpful with information, celebrations and learning.

Dr. P

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Fundamental Five Power Walks

The Power of Visiting Classrooms with Purpose & Intention!

From the Lead Your School Update & Fundamental Five Walk-through Program:

There are those that don’t understand the power of reflective observation. They mistakenly believe that there is nothing to learn after a few cursory visits to a classroom. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the most important key to building insight and deeper understanding about teaching and learning is to engage in a steady volume of daily classroom observation. What we have learned over the past ten years is that after about every 300 classroom observations, the observer will notice, discern, and/or learn something new... something that was previously hidden. It is the “Eureka” moment, and there is nothing else like it in instructional leadership.

In this pursuit, there is the PowerWalks Legendary Leadership Badge that is earned every 300th PowerWalks Observation. The following instructional leaders have already earned the Legendary Leadership Badge for the 2015/2016 school year (as of 11/30/15):

Erica Moody--Saginaw High School

Jeffrey Smith--Saginaw High School.

Congratulations to Erica & Jeff!

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Dec. 10 Principal PLC @ HCTC 8:30-1:30 Holiday Luncheon!

Dec. 10 Final Quad D Coaching Training @HDC

Dec. 16 Open House @ Central Office Ugly Sweater Day

Dec. 18 Early Release

Jan. 4 Back from Break

Jan. 15 Early Release

Jan. 18 Holiday

Jan. 20 AP LEAD 8:30--11:30 @ Saginaw Elementary 12:30-3:30@Boswell HS

Jan. 21 DLT @ HCTC 8:30--4:00 Communications Training

Feb. 29-March 4 Celebrate TX Public Schools Week

May 28 Foundation Academic Excellence Awards Gala HCTC 6:30 pm

Reading Opportunities

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Welcome Malia Hope Torres, daughter of Patrick Torres (SHS Principal)!

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Welcome Berklee & Brodie, Tricia Leavitt's ( PVMS AP) precious twins!

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