Federal Overthrowing

By Lean Blankenship

MUSE Uprising, August 4th 2009

This song is about the citizens of a country that are looking to rebel against the government. It says in the song

"They will not force us
They will stop degrading us
They will not control us
We will be victorious"

Muse - Uprising

Three Days Grace- Lets start a riot November 6th 2007

This song isn't generally pointing towards any government in particular, it's not pointing to a government at all actually. But the song could be used as to give the thoughts of rioting the government. It doesn't exile out a single person so the song could be used for multiple different ways like overthrowing a government with a riot.
Three Days Grace- Lets Start a Riot

System Of A Down - Hypnotize November 18th 2005

This song explains the way that the government is controlling this certain country. It is explaining how they are brainwashing and "hypnotizing" the people into thinking that what is going on is a good this and this is a realization that could lead to the overthrowing of a government.
System Of A Down - Hypnotize

Crown the empire - A call to arms July 22nd 2014

This song is about a group of people coming together to fight back for their freedom. In the beginning of the song there is a speaker that sounds seemingly evil, he lists the things he takes away from the people and how he will punish them. Then the song goes into the peoples response to these commands and how they will fight back against these commands.
Call To Arms (Act i) - Crown The Empire lyrics

Manchester Orchestra - Virgin May 9th 2011

Though this song can have many different meanings ranging from rape to depression, the song uses metaphors and good guitar rifts to explain many things. But the reason this song is on this list isn't because of the lyrics, its more or less because of the music video that the band decided to use to represent this song. The music video shows how the controlling government has changed peoples views into bad ones. Though the video includes many different scenes other then the ones about the government but if you piece everything together that's the conclusion you come up to.
Manchester Orchestra - Virgin