Hot in 2015

Sports and Entertainment Marketing-Nick Dimmer

3 Top Marketing Brands

Uber had a very successful year in 2015. Although they have been around since 2009 they raised money to advertise themselves and made an app in 2011 but 2015 was their year. In Cleveland they had their one millionth rider and celebrated. They gave the rider free unlimited riders for a year. This brought attention to the company so fans of Uber are desperate to see new gifts.

Nike of course had a successful year. Something they did different this year was they focused on the skateboarding industry. They sponsored pro skaters. Other skating companies don't pay their skaters enough, so Nike stepped up and paid the skaters, of course gave them plenty of apparel, and sent the skaters places to have demos etc. This brought attention to local skaters because they came out with a lot pro shoe models. Nike as of now has taken over skateboarding.

Apple has been the talk of the year for years now. Last year they came out with the fingerprint technology and of course they kept it on their new phones. The iPhone 6 and 6+ came out early 2015 and was a big hit. They created their improved focus lens to capture incredible photos. The 6+ was a hit because it is their biggest phone they have ever made. This brought attention to people that have huge hands. Later in 2015 they kept the tradition going and created the iPhone 6s and 6s+. The newest technology 3D touch allows you to have 3 touch pressures. This allows you to use the applications faster and different. They also added a new color from the previous phones. Apple added the Rose Gold color way to bring more of a selection. Apple by far had the year of 2015.

Top Products

1. PS4

2. iPhone 6s

Worst Products

1. Xbox 1

2. Google Glasses

Top Movies of 2015

Star Wars: The Force Awakens definitely a top movie of 2015. I personally have been waiting for this movie because its such an icon series. I know very well their are a lot of Star Wars fans that have been hyped on this movie. Even older people that grew up with the older movie. The movie was marketed all over television. They created an awesome trailer to show the people sitting at home watching tv.

Just like Star Wars Jurassic World was an older series that was brought back. The movie was talked about for months. They created a trailer, like Star Wars, it caught the attention to the people that grew up with Jurassic Park.

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Top Artist of 2015

Justin Bieber has been in a lot of trouble lately. He created an album called "The Purpose" which was a huge hit. On the radio that's all you would hear. "Sorry", "Where Are U Now", and "What Do You Mean" were the top songs in this album. Since Justin had a lot of attention on him already from the trouble he's been getting in, the album gained the better attention so people aren't thinking of him as such a bad person anymore in my perspective.

The Weeknd hasn't been the talk until 2015. He got involved with the movie 50 Shades of Grey which got girls falling in love with his music. He is a pop singer that creates songs that seducing which girls fall in love with.

Top Songs of 2015

Sorry- Justin Bieber

Hello- Adele

Hotline Bling- Drake

In The Night- The Weeknd

Can't Feel My Face- The Weeknd

New Years Resolution

I would like to spend more time with my family and encourage how much they do for me.

I would like to get better grades and try my hardest in school.

I would like to commit to lacrosse.