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Mrs. Knueven's Classroom Newsletter

Upcoming Events

2/19 Unit 5 Science Test

2/19 Western Wear Spirit Day

2/20 Kindness Concert

2/22 Famous Hoosier information sent home

2/26 Wordly Wise 11 Test

3/1 ISTEP+ Math 9:15-10:05

3/2 ISTEP+ English/Language Arts 9:15-10:00

3/3 ISTEP+ English/Language Arts 9:15-10:55

3/4 ISTEP+ Science 9:15-10:00

3/8 Unit 7 Math Test

3/9 Indiana History Test (moved due to ISTEP+)

3/11 End of 3rd Quarter

3/11 Wordly Wise 12 Test

3/17 Z'West Visit

3/21 Human Growth and Development

3/22 Margaret Peterson Haddix visit

3/23 School Play

3/24 Wordly Wise 13 Test

3/25 Spring Break - No School

4/12 Famous Hoosiers Wax Museum

Curriculum Corner


Grammar: This week, we will be reviewing subject and predicate and introducing direct objects. Next week, we will introduce indirect objects.

Wordly Wise: 11 A&B will be due Friday (2/19), 11 C&D will be due next Thursday (2/25), and the unit 11 test will be next Friday (2/26)

Words Their Way: There will be no Words Their Way this week due to the short school week. Students will get new lists next Monday (2/22) and will have a quiz next Friday (2/26)


This week, we will be finishing up the whole group reading portion of Running Out of Time. Next week, the kids will be put into Literature Circles and will begin completing the reading assignments independently. At the end of the week last week, we finished our read aloud book, Among the Hidden. The kids and I loved it as it was a real page turner! They usually begged for just one more chapter before we went to lunch. Music to a teacher's ears! Today we began reading another Margaret Peterson Haddix book, Found. Both Among the Hidden and Found are the first in a series, so most of them may have interest in finding out what happens next.

Indiana History

This week and next week, we will continue our study of Indiana's role in the Civil War. You will see that I have pushed back the unit test a week due to ISTEP+, so we will now test over the Underground Railroad, Civil War, and Reconstruction on March 9.


We are wrapping up our unit on forces and motion this week and will test on Friday. We will take a break from science the week of 2/22 and will use that block of time for ISTEP+ practice and review. We will start back up with science on 2/29 with our final unit covering animal adaptations.


We are continuing our study of fractions in math. Topics for the rest of this week and next week will include: least common multiples, finding a common denominator, adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators, converting fractions to mixed numbers (and mixed numbers to fractions), adding and subtracting fractions, and comparing fractions. As always, keep practicing those multiplication and division facts and Khan Academy is a great source for extra practice on all of these topics!


ISTEP+ testing times for 4th grade are listed in the upcoming events. This first round will be paper/pencil only. We begin testing first thing on those mornings, so please do your best to make sure kids get a good nights' sleep, eat breakfast, arrive to school on time, and avoid absences unless they are sick.

Country Kindness Concert

The country kindness concert is almost here! It will take place this Saturday, 3/20 at the Zionsville Performing Arts Center. If you still need tickets, just click here:

Due Friday.....

This week is the final week to collect Box Tops! Keep sending them in if you have some! It is also the final week to donate to Pennies for Patients, which raises money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Famous Hoosiers

It's time to start Famous Hoosiers! The majority of this project will be done in class. Information will be sent home Monday, but the first step in the project will be done at home. They will need to pick 5 Famous Hoosiers that they are interested in researching. I will then assign students a Famous Hoosier based on their requests. We no longer send home a list, but ask that Famous Hoosiers fit the following criteria:

-Students will need to write several paragraphs about the life of their Famous Hoosier and will need to find 3-5 resources about them.

-Famous Hoosiers need to have made a lasting impact on Indiana and/or the world. Look for things such as foundations that have been set up to help others or major obstacles they had to overcome. This can be tricky, especially with the athletes. There are some athletes such as Peyton Manning or Pat McAfee who have made significant financial contributions to hospitals, high school sports teams, veterans, etc. and have been good role models who are easy to write about. There are others who are just well known professional athletes, but have not given back to their communities. Students who have picked them in the past have struggled to have enough information to complete the writing assignment.

Please make sure your child has done enough research prior to making choices to know that they will have enough information to fulfill these requirements. It is always a tough conversation once we begin the writing process and realize a student has to start over because there is not enough information about their Famous Hoosier. A few great places to start are: