Ventana Vista

October 23rd-30th, 2019

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Join us this Friday, 10/25, for our Annual Trunk or Treat event, 6:30 pm - 8 pm

Please be sure to park at Bashas and take the bus starting at 6:15 pm. We will have 3 buses continuously running from Bashas to VV. Three food trucks will be available.

Please bring a flashlight for your child.

Please remember no costume masks or weapons!

Candy donation bins will be out for two more days. We need your help to make this event successful.

There will be a bin near car pick-up/drop-off, or you are welcome to hand into the front office),

If you would like to help out before the event, please sign up using the link below:

We are also in need of volunteers during and after the event.

There are still 5 more spots if you would like to bring a decorated vehicle and participate in the fun.

Tips From Our Counselor

No-Fail Tips to a Calmer Weekday Morning

The weekday mornings leading up to dropping your child off for school each day can feel a bit more chaotic than calming, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Consider these tips as you prepare your children for their school day.


If you are losing time in the morning, over getting your child dressed in the mornings, consider investing a bit of time organizing their closet on the weekends. Placing those (agreed upon) weekday outfits either on hangers or within drawers will cut down on the morning indecisiveness. It will also allow your child to make independent choices on their own, all while cutting down on the morning fashion battles.


Train your kids to help prepare their own lunches! While you are preparing dinner each night, your child can be preparing their (next day’s) sandwich or lunch snack. At the very least your child can take their lunch box out of their school backpack, dump any remains, and place their lunchbox on the kitchen counter.


Mornings can be a way to reconnect with your child and can set the tone for the day. If after-school activities are making it difficult for you to have family dinners then consider making efforts towards family breakfasts around the table. Keep the breakfast menu simple (bagels, cereal, already prepared boiled eggs) and take a few early moments to share a meal with your child.

Creating a smoother beginning with your child will set them on the right path for their learning at school. And remember they won’t always remain this young forever, so let’s create a sweeter morning and savor this chapter of their young lives!

Mrs. Christy McCoy

School Counselor


Gardening Club Starting Nov 6th.

We need your help to make the garden available to all grade levels!

Volunteer on Wednesdays (every other week) from 11:00-12:00 or 12:00-1:00 or for all groups from 11:00-1:00. No previous gardening experience needed. Our Community Gardens Coordinator, Andrea Mathias, will take the lead.

Last year our program was a great success. Kids planted winter season veggies: kale, broccoli, lettuce, collard greens, beets and carrots; learned about composting, observed earthworms and released ladybugs. We made flower crowns and bouquets in the spring and sowed summer vegetable and flower seeds. At the end of the year the veggies were harvested and chef Janos held a cooking demonstration on how to prepare a delicious salad using the colorful crop.

Parent volunteers were essential to our success, they were organized last year with the help of Cynthia Harmony. The activities will be planned and prepared by volunteers from the Community Gardens of Tucson. But, we need parent volunteers to bring the groups to the garden and help out with instruction during the classes. Please consider signing up to help out by emailing Mrs. Mulay, our Principal:

Hope to see you in the garden!


Open Enrollment for 2020-21 School Year Begins in one week! Read below for more info.

Governing Board Members

Amy Bhola, President

Amy Krauss, Vice President

Doug Hadley, Board Member

Eileen Jackson, Board Member

Carole Siegler, Board Member

Mary Kamerzell, Superintendent