The Misfits

Book By: James Howe Posters By: Sadie Smith

Scene Summary

Since Bobby came up with the idea for no name calling as there reason to run for president, he gets to say the speech even though he is running for treasurer (unlike the other students who are running for president giving the speech). When he goes up to speak, he is really nervous at first but when he remembers that his dad will be there he calms down a but. Once its finally time for him to give the speech he gets up and says it. By the time its over everyone in the crowd is clapping and cheering.

Why was it important to the story?

This part was very important to the story because this was when everyone realized that they were right about the name calling and that it should stop.

Overall Summary

Bobby, Skeezie, Joe, and Addie are all best friends. Each of them is unique in their own way. They each are some sort of an out-cast. When Addie comes up with the idea for them all to run for a position for student president they all agree. After they get told they cannot run due to their reason for running Addie doesn't want to give up. At lunch one day, Bobby realizes that they could run for no-name calling. They secretly make posters and put them up around the school. Their teacher, Ms. Wyman immediately knows it was them and calls them down to the office. The principal then decides they have a meaningful cause and lets them run again. When helping Addie write her speech (since she is going for president) Bobby writes some things down that Addie thinks are amazing and she suggests that Bobby say the speech instead of her and he agrees. When giving the speech Bobby is really nervous, but does a great job. Right then everyone figures out their problems and everything is fine. Even though they don't win they still had a great impact on their school.