I believe you have what it takes..

TO BE A STAR this month!!!


I know what you might be thinking.

"I'm not sure I'm ready"

"i need more time"

"I'm afraid"

Because GUESS WHAT! It's the exact same thing that was running through my head too.

You're in EXCELLENT company!!


You are much closer than you think!

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Personally you need to sell $2308 minimum

4 active Stylists on your first line ($500 minimum)

Group volume of 8000 GCV ($12,000 retail all together, yours included)

1500 PCV in NEW VOLUME, Stylists sponsored in the last 3 months

Sound doable?

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So are YOU IN or WHAT?

I'm here to HELP!

And you are a part of the ELITE GROUP for a reason!

Here is why!

1. You have a BIG WHY.

2. You have that ROCKSTAR quality. If I had to put my money on who COULD do it, I'd put my money on YOU.

3. You have the desire to grow a team and SPONSOR.

4. You would look REALLY cute in sparkly shoes and ON STAGE at Hoopla and on camera in the video when we promote TOGETHER to a STAR DIRECTOR TEAM!!

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My commitment to you?

Whatever you/your new Stylists or your team needs? I will give it. You need a one on one call before a trunk show? It’s yours. You want me to do a New Stylist Training or group coaching call for your girls? I’m on it. You need me to reach out and love someone on your downline? Or need me to come love you? I’m there. (Always am, but I'm saying it again).

This is not only about my goal, or a team goal, this is also about helping you achieve your own big hairy audacious goal -- whether that be a promotion, heart of leadership, glam rewards, or doubling your pay check!

And guess what. I AM going to dangle a carrot because, hot damn girls, WHEN we pull this off, we so deserve a reward!!! And rewards TOTALLY motivate me!!! How about you?

WHEN—not if -- WHEN we hit Star Director Team status (and that means we all gotta hit this puppy together!!!), I am going to ensure you all feel like high rollers in Orlando at Hoopla! SPA, makeup, blow-outs, a BIG FREAKING party with TONS O SURPRISES and treats!


The STAR treatment??? Because, guess what...that’s what you are and that's how you should be treated!!!!

Now -- call me crazy, but...I HONESTLY THINK WE CAN DO THIS IN APRIL!!!

It's a long month with lots of days in it to make magic. I've heard from lots of you that your schedules look good and your prospective stylist pipelines are growing....

So...Should we go for it????? YES!!! I THINK WE SHOULD!!!!!!!

So, go look at your pipeline report for April. How does your schedule look and how does your team's look? ( I know a couple of you are just looking at starting to seal deals. DON'T BE FREAKED. You too have got this!! ) KEEP BELIEVING!!!

Double and triple check your first line new stylist GCV number. What do you need to do to ensure it's at 1500 by or before April 30th?

This is a group effort. We need to support each other and each other's teams along the way. I'm super excited -- and a bit scared -- to put this out there and go for it full force. But I am pumped up and ready...!!!! Are you?



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It's EARLY, but we're the EARLY BIRD gets the worm types anyways, right?

April 11th 8:30 MT

Danielle want to talk to ALL of those who are seeing this email!!

I remind you and send you the digits, NO WORRIES!

But save this date and time!

SO FREAKING EXCITED! Send me a note back. I CAN NOT WAIT to hear back from YOU!

XO Heather

I heart you for believing TOO!!!
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