3rd Grade Solar System Poetry

Check out our poems about the Solar System!

RJLee 3rd graders are writing poems about our Solar System!

We've learned how to write poems. Now we will fine-tune our poetry writing skills about an interesting subject: The Solar System!

We'll be posting our poems here as well as spot-lighting them on Twitter. See @ShanerClassRJL or check out the hashtag #rjl3rd to read them!

On Tuesdays & Thursdays from 2:00-3:00pm (a different 3rd grade class each week)

Learners will listen to and read a few creative poems, receive instruction about various types of poems and figurative language techniques, then choose a type of poem and topic to write about related to the solar system.

Mrs. Shaner has some books and websites available for use! Get inspired and creative! Can't wait to read your amazing poems!

Ms. Hooper's Class gets the third lesson!

Tuesday, May 12th, 2-3pm

Room 302- Mrs. Shaner's class

Mrs. Genco's class gets the second lesson!

Tuesday, May 5th, 2-3pm

Room 302- Mrs. Shaner's class

Mrs. Shaner's class gets the first lesson!

Wednesday, April 29th, 2-3pm

Room 302- Mrs. Shaner's class

Want to have YOUR poems spotlighted on this site?

Here's what you need to do:

  • Choose a topic in the solar system that you want to write a poem about.
  • Use a thinking map to brainstorm all of the different things you could write about that topic.
  • Review the elements of poetry on this page.
  • Think about what elements of poetry you want in YOUR poem (i.e. metaphors, rhyme scheme, personification, imagery, etc).
  • Decide what TYPE of poem you want to write. Review the rules of that type of poem on this page.
  • Using what you brainstormed, begin writing the rough draft of your poem.
  • Revise your poem. What can you add? What should you take away? Do you need to rearrange anything?
  • Edit your poem. Did you spell everything correctly? Does your poem have punctuation rules?
  • Conference with Mrs. Shaner once you have finished your rough draft and made your revisions and edits.
  • Using her advice on how to improve your poem, go back and make your final revisions/edits.
  • Decide how you want the final copy to look. Do you need special paper to write it?
  • Write your final copy. Don't forget your title and name!
  • Use an iPad to take a picture of it and email it to Mrs. Shaner.
  • If you followed all of the directions above, Mrs. Shaner will post it here!!!

Poems we've written this week...

Poems we wrote during week 1...

How do you become a poet of the week?

  • Only poets whose poems are approved to go on this site are eligible to be poet of the week.
  • Learners will then vote on the poems submitted, using specific criteria (rubric), and the top 3 poets will become the poets of the week.
  • If there are not very many submissions to vote on, there may only be 1 poet of the week!
  • So, act NOW and get those poems submitted to Mrs. Shaner!!!

Our top poets of the week:

Click to see some of the different poem rules.

Need to know how to write a Haiku? What about a cinquain? We've got those as well as the Tanka, Sonnet, Quatrain, Triplet, Couplet, Diamante, and Bio Poem. Click here to learn more about how to write them and see some examples of them.

To learn more about elements of poetry, click here.

Can't remember what alliteration means? What about onomatopoeia? If you need to brush up on these things, as well as imagery, rhyme scheme, similes, metaphors, or personification, look no further!! You're in the right place!

To learn more about concrete poems...

Check out a book titled: A Poke in the I (a collection of concrete poems) by Paul B Janeczko

Mrs. Shaner has a copy of it for you to use.

Big image

I am Your Sun Concrete poem above

To learn more about 2 voice poems...

Check out a book titled: Joyful Noise (poems for two voices) by Paul Flesischman

Mrs. Shaner has a copy of it for you to use.

For a Two Voice Poem Tutorial

This slideshow goes into a lot of detail on HOW to write a two voice poem. If you want to learn more about what exactly a two voice poem is and how to write one, check this page out.

Got questions? Ask them here at Solar_System_Poetry...

Post your questions to this Today's Meet Page. Maybe someone else has the SAME question as you! Better yet, someone ELSE might have the ANSWER to your questions!!! You all can check this page to ask or answer questions that your classmates have.