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October 5, 2018 - Week 7

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WMS Team Day Recap:

Yesterday was our TEAM DAY and the school was a virtual hive of activity! We had so many opportunities for students to interact and learn within their groups. There were team building, community service, and global awareness activities occurring all around the place. Make sure to spend some time asking your Redhawk about the various activities they participated in. We have included information the Team Day from some of the teams below. All of our RedHawk teams worked hard and had fun while learning about the world around them!

During P.E. class, all students competed in the Amazing Race. Students used their problem solving and communication skills to complete a series of challenges as a team. When students finished a challenge they checked it off on their task sheet and continued on to the next one. The objective was for students to work together as a team while trying to complete all 12 challenges during the class period. One of the challenges was Pipeline, where students had to transport a marble from one bucket to another using tubes. Another was Amazing Challenge, where students moved each team member from a starting line to a finishing line without any body parts touching the ground while using the provided equipment. Finally, teams could decide if they wanted to take a gamble by stopping at the RoadBlock Station. Here they drew one of two cards, a roadblock or a skip, which were lying face down. If students got the skip card they could cross off any challenge on their sheet, but if they drew the roadblock they had to put together a floor puzzle provided at the station. Students appeared to be having fun while trying to navigate their way through the Amazing Race Challenge in enhancing their problem solving and communication skills along the way.

Team 6-2 is supporting soldiers stationed away from their home with cards and letters showing our gratitude, words of encouragement and pictures to brighten their days spent away from their families. We will be sending packaged treats and items that give them some of the comforts from home. As students in 6th Language Arts classes have just begun reading Refugee, they are beginning to catch a glimpse of what it might be like to not have some of the freedoms and luxuries we often take for granted. In connection with our appreciation for our military troops for working toward our freedom every day, students will be doing more activities with their current novel, Refugee.

Team 7-1 spent today being very artistic. In addition to some team building activities, we created place-mats for Brighton Gardens and created lasting images with our "7th grade Rocks" theme for our ceiling tiles.

In 8th grade, our focus was on park beautification and forest restoration. We worked with the St. Charles Park District at Hickory Knolls and Delnor Woods clearing brush, site clean-up, seed gathering, packing away deck chairs and tubes at Otter Cove, and breaking ground for a new sand pit.

6th/7th Grade Infinity students made "Cards of Hope" for cancer patients to lift their spirits and let them know that they are supported during their fight against cancer.

8th Grade Infinity students joined the rest of the 8th grade at Hickory Knolls cleaning up the parks and Otter Cove pool area. They removed brush, stored the pool chairs, and moved dirt and debris in wheelbarrows and buckets.

Check out some of the many pictures from the day's activities!

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Looking for a few good...

WANTED: Our yearbook club is looking for a few used iPads or other devices with decent cameras for donation. We will use these for photographing throughout the school during the year. Please email Mr. Massie at tim.massie@d303.org if you could help.



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Just a Couple of Quick Reminders

1) NO outside drinks (Starbucks, Dunkin) will be allowed in the AM
2) Parents can only drop off lunch for their own child - not a group
3) We DO NOT accept or sign for delivered lunches for students - do not order for delivery.


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Wredling Activity Calendar

This calendar is always being updated - especially at the beginning of the year! We are currently in the process of getting all of the club information on there!

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D303 Parent University - Showing & Discussion of the film Angst

Showing & Discussion of the film Angst

10/10/18 - 6:30-8:30 p.m.

St. Charles North High School Auditorium

The purpose of the film Angst is to raise awareness and have conversations about anxiety. It features candid interviews with kids who have struggled with anxiety, as well as discussions with mental health professionals. At the end of the film there will be a 30 minute panel discussion led by the D303 Counseling Team.

As part of our agreement with the production company, we are able to show the film in both middle schools and both high schools during the week of October 8. This will provide parents and students an opportunity to have conversations at home about what they saw.


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