Brochure and Kenote


You have a lot of themes to look at. There are many features like, fonts, colors, backgrounds. You can add photos, charts, and tables. Organize or keynote slide navigator. this will show your slides that you have made. To edit a photo on the slide drag it to the corning to resize it, twist to rotate it, and drag to move it around.

Google Drive

You can access the documents, spreadsheets, and presentations that you create. With google drive you can store files in one place.


Pages lets you create letters, flyers, and reports and a lot of other stuff. At the top of the page, the format bar lets you do the basic-formating text and adjusting images. Change text size and color. Adjust line spacing and apply character and paragraph styles. When selecting a photo, shape, or table on the page, the format bar displays tools to adjust images.


Email is were you can send messages to other people. Other people can also can send you messages. When checking checking your email and there is a paperclip sort of thing that means do not delete that message.