Diseases from alcohol abuse

By Autumn Haley

How does it effect us

Fatty liver is a sign that the liver can't cope with the amount of alcohol anymore.


New drinkers who are not used to the effects ofalcohol, to get sickfromingesting it. Vomiting is one way your body gets rid of harmful substances.

Alcohol and your brain

Drinking can cause you to act funny, walk funny, and talk funny.

How does it effect the body

Alcohol acts like a depressant. it makes you have poor choices. A person gets drunk more quickly on an empty stomach.

Feeling the effect

Alcohol has a physical effect on every organ in the body. it is dissolved directly into the bloodstream

Mental and emotional dangers

Someone who is drunk can beaggressive, tense, or depressed.

Other parts of your body

Drinking can cause kidney damage. it can also causedamage to the pancreas.

Alcohol effects the family

Living with an alcoholic is very stressful for everyone who is involved, although each family member may be affected differently. it can run in the family.

Drunk driving

Some teens take risks and like to drive drunk which can cause problems.

How babies can be effected

Alcohol can cause unborn children and retardation.