Yearbook Cover Contest

Line Art / Outline Submissions due by 5/27

Calling all artists!

It is time for the annual Oak Grove Yearbook cover contest. All Oak Grove students are eligible If you would like to design the cover for the 2015 – 2016 Yearbook, please turn in your entries to Mr. Huber's mailbox in the JH office on or before Friday, May 27, 2016. We will announce the winner the following week.

"May 27? Why so late?"

You may recall that we announced that students will be receiving an AUTOGRAPH BOOK instead of the actual yearbook before the end of the school year. The yearbook will not be completed until the summer so we can include graduation photos and spring sports photos. Since we will not need to submit the yearbook to the printer until June, students can have until May 27th to submit art work.

"Outline? What do you mean?

Think "Coloring Book!" Students should submit artwork that looks like it could be found in the pages of a coloring book. The winning entry will be manipulated digitally to come up with the finished product. Here's a picture that shows what an example submission could look like.

Rules for Artwork

Students should follow these rules when submitting their work:

• Entries must be on 8.5" x 11" piece of paper - do not design a cover that would cover the front and back.
• Entries must be in pencil only - NO COLOR! (that comes later)
• The artist should sign their work on the BACK, not the front
• The artist should put their first and last name and grade on the back or on a small piece of paper attached to it so we know for sure who the artist is
• No tracing other people's artwork
• No shading


Email or call Mr. Huber at 847-996-1441