Sahara Hakimi US History Class

Political Cartoons

1) Washingtons Neutrality

Washington said to avoid contact with any other country because America was so new and they wanted to take extremely good care of it, This was easy because of the Atlantic Ocean protecting us and the lack of technology in the world.

This political cartoon shows a house representing the United States, as you can see the Tornado represents the other countries that are politically collapsed and the United States is completely isolated.

Monroe Doctrine

The Monroe Doctrine was a response to Europes attempt to recolonize South America. The Doctrine was basically a warning to Europe that they better stay away from the United States backyard.

In the imagine, you can see the the governor protecting and hogging North and South America, making it obvious we don't want anyone interfering with us.

Manifest Destiny

The Manifest Destiny is basically the US attempt, back then, to take over and own the entire United States. This was questioned to affect the Native Americans and the slaves

In this photo, you can see a ruler kind of floating around the nation, ready to take over.


Imperialism is basically one country taking over another. In this case America takes over Cuba which is ruled by Spain. A result of that is the war begins with Spain. This war leads to the US gaining Puerto Rico, Philippines, and Cuba.

In this cartoon, you can see a ruler taking over another nation.

Roosevelt Cooralary

Roosevelt Cooralary is Teddy Roosevelt passing a policy that states to use force if US doesn't get what is wants. To be more specific, the US will take control of Latin America if needed!

In this political cartoon, you can see a governor walking all over Spanish nations

WWI Neutrality

WWI Neutrality is basically the United States return to neutrality, and won't sign the Treaty of Versailles because it includes the league of nations which would get the US involved in Eurpoe again.

This imagine is basically implying that the US does not want any interference with any country and they want to keep Americans where they belong.

WWII Neutrality

WWII Neutrality is the United States kind of going against their own word. US wants to be isolated and not bothered yet US was delivering arms to other countries during WWII and helping them out, offering financial aid.

This image basically explains it, they deliver arms to those fighting aggresion


Containment is basically keeping communism where it is, no spreading.

This photo shows different nations coming together.