A detailed plan with an emphasis on time and resources.

Monday 6th

  • Use Smore to complete the design section (time given: 60 minutes).
  • Insert all your designs, explain and evaluate each design (30 minutes).
  • Draw up your final design and justify (30 minutes).
  • The resources that I will use are, camera, pencil, paper and a word processor.
  • I will spend 1 hour preparing a detailed plan, for this, I will need to use the internet, a diary, a computer and, and this will be done as homework.

Tuesday 7th

  • As homework, I will research for examples of DT workshops globally and focus on layouts (30 minutes).
  • Focus on the contents (30 minutes) (tools, tables, machines, benches, etc) and that should help my guide my own creation.

Wednesday 8th

  • I will create the building (floor plan and walls) using Sketch Up (30 minutes).
  • I will measure carefully the existing building from inside and out (15 minutes).
  • Teachers and friends will give me feedbacks about my building dimensions on my sketch-up model (15 minutes).
  • Insert doorways and walls (30 minutes).
  • Resources are: Sketch up, computer, and tools for measuring the building and peers for feedback.

Thursday 9th (create)

  • I will complete the walls and briefly create the exterior design of the building.
  • I will also make sure the measurements are accurate and make any adjustments if not.
  • If needed, I will measure the existing building for exact measurements so my product will be as accurate as possible.

Friday 10th (create)

  • Work on the exterior design (insert windows, doors, etc.)
  • Make any corrections and adjustments to the model, if needed.
  • Start working on any necessary outdoor decorations.
  • Be more detailed with exterior design (columns, space, etc.)
  • Make sure the windows/doors are aligned.

Saturday 11th (create)

  • If ready, begin on interior design.
  • Do not be too detailed with the design, just briefly design the interior.
  • Start making walls/rooms.

Sunday 12th (create)

  • Take a break and work on other assessment pieces.

Monday 13th (create)

  • Start putting in furniture for your model.
  • Be as detailed about the interior design as possible.

Tuesday 14th (create)

  • Work on the details of the buildings (exterior & interior).
  • Place any necessary decorations/furnitures.
  • Be accurate with measurements.
  • Do one last check on the entire building to make sure it is presentable and according to design.

Wednesday 15th (evaluate)

  • Start on the evaluation.
  • Look back on product and begin evaluating. (entire class time).

Thursday 16th (evaluate)

  • Work on evaluation.
  • Do some for homework.

Friday 17th (evaluate & submit design cycle report)

  • Finish evaluating.
  • Submit design cycle report to Managebac.

Reflection of my Plan

I did not follow my plan accordingly. I did not start on my create section on the proper date, instead, I started very late, around the 14th. Although, I managed to catch up with the rest of the class and I am able to complete my product on time, with a little more work at home. Following the plan would really benefit my learning experience, but putting in more effort to catch up would also allow me to pay more attention. I don't think I allocated enough time for investigating because my investigating process is not as detailed and as great as I wanted it to be. I'm pretty sure I have set aside enough time for my design, because I have explained and evaluated each design very well and in my opinion, it is detailed enough. I should've made the design process shorter and focused more on create, as I am quite far behind. By starting the create process early, I could've went back to the design or investigation and try to improve.