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Week of November 10-14

Prescriptive instruction--- What does that mean to you?

Effective instruction that is all inclusive, differentiated to meet the needs of all students and collaborative in nature is the fundamental principle that transforms schools. Schools who have shown huge academic gains, are indeed those who have focused on instructional delivery, data disaggregation and proper planning to address the needs of their student population.

Successful data – driven instruction depends of four fundamental keys:

  1. Assessment: Define the roadmap for rigor.

o Leaders must go beyond planning to meet standards and truly assess what their students must know in order to be properly prepared for post-secondary education and beyond. Many times standards are baseline prerequisites that require minimal skills to achieve mastery. If the bar is not set to go far and beyond those standards then are we truly preparing our kids to be successful?

2. Analysis: Determine where students are struggling and why.

o Analysis of the roadmap data provides you, the instructional leader, with a clear picture of the path in which you are following. It is through collaborative data analysis meetings with both principal and teachers that effective academic strategies are produced. Data analysis should not focus on just whole class performance, but one should also look at the data question by question and kid by kid.

3. Action: Implement new teaching plans to respond to this analysis.

o After data analysis and student areas of strength and weakness are identified, ideas or strategies should be developed to address those concerns. Regardless of what types of plans are developed, great leaders see to it that the results of the data analysis translate into classroom change and that plans are implemented with fidelity.

4. Systems: Create systems and procedures to ensure continual data - driven Improvement.

For data – driven instruction to transform a school, assessment, analysis, and action must be “locked in” through a key set of systems. (Bambrick - Santoyo, 2012 ).

Thank you to our PTA and GM staff for a wonderful Fall Festival! It was a huge success and truly a testament of what teamwork is all about!

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Great job Mrs. Mercado coordinating our 1st Fall Festival as our PTA Fundraiser Chair!

Children must be taught how to think, not what to think. -Margaret Mead