USAIN BOLT: The Ultimate Interview

World's fastest man tells you everything you need to know!

His speed:

Usain Bolt does not joke when it comes around to his love for sprinting. His maximum speed reached 12.27 meters per second at one point, calculating to up to 27.44 miles per hour!

Info on his personal life:

Bolt lived in Jamaica all of his life, and was born there on August 21st, 1986. He had been a great sprinter from the start. At age 14, he was gaining support from many people. At age 15, he gave the professional sport of sprinting a shot, and applied to the 2002 World Junior Championships in Kingston, Jamaica. He won and became the youngest world-junior gold medalist ever. Bolt had nagging injuries throughout his entire life, however he had his breakthrough in 2007. He had broken the national 200 meter record, which had been held for 30 years previously. His career hit its high when he became the first to have 2 consecutive wins in the Olympic 100 and 200 meter sprints. He represented his home country, Jamaica, throughout the Olympics and his career. Throughout the past year, he has earned around 20.3 million dollars from bonuses, price fees, sponsors, etc.

Edited By: Mouza Al Mualla