Mexican Masks


Background History

Masks are things you wear on your face. The masks of the Mexican culture symbolize a high position in society. These masks are also used for ceremonies and festivals. Although most masks in the Mexican culture symbolize different animals. The masks are mostly made using wood and paint.


Mask Styilization

Most masks in the Mexican culture focus on fierce animals. This culture often uses vibrant colors. The masks contain many elements of art including form, line, shape, and color. The style is usually very simple. The main principal of design is pattern.


I really like the use of color in this mask. The orange fades into the yellow very nicely. Usually strong animals represent important people in society, like this jaguar mask. I like how the eyes contrast the yellow and orange. I think that the dots could be less uniform since on actual animals the spots are not the same.
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By Alyssa Josoff