The Crucible


Abigail Williams

Abigail is one of them main characters of the story, she is the main one being accused of witchcraft. she was important in the story for this charge and because she tried denying everything and telling on other people. she wants to prove that she ain't guilty of this but doesn't really know how, now she don't know what to do.

John Proctor

John Proctor is the married man who had an affair with abigail, which he never told about and is scared that abigail would say something about it, and everyone find out about it. Even though he was just a farmer, he was well known and respected in the town. When he was called for trial against Abigail, he wasnt sure what he wanted to do or say.

Elizabeth Proctor

Elizabeth Proctor was the wife of John Proctor, she wasnt really important in the play since she didn't have alot to do with Abigail. After time she started being suspicious about her husband though, thinking that he had an affair with someone. she fired the servant who was Abigail, cause she thought it was her. she wasn't in trial against Abigail.