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Volume 7 - May 24, 2016

CPS Teacher Focus

Demonstration Coaches

Here at Cincinnati Public Schools, teachers have the chance to visit other classrooms to learn how to implement technology into their daily classes. Six Demonstration Coaches open their classrooms to all to see the ease of usage of technology in the classroom. These teachers have come a long way in two short years.

Veronica Cotton, Christina Cupp, Joelle McConnell, Jennifer Miller, Chrissy Reeves, and Craig Rush not only teach and coach, but they also help create this newsletter. They take the time each month to identify a technology tool and write about how they use it in their classroom. Without them, this newsletter would not happen.

I can't thank them enough for going above and beyond!

What's Happening Around Cincinnati Public Schools

Driving Digital Learning - Tech Truck

What a year it has been with our first round of visits now completed!

The Tech Truck hit the road in November, and it has been on the go ever since! The truck usually goes out on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday - we did take a break in April and the beginning of May for testing.

Since November, we have had 1050 visitors to the truck - and have helped endless teachers with password resets, AV issues, new ideas with old applications, and much more! We try to introduce products that may have not been seen and are always trying to find more examples to bring on the truck. Recently, many have enjoyed traveling the Virtual Reality world with Samsung Gear VR or Google Cardboard.

Thank you to all that have made year one a success - we'll see you next year!

Get Started Somewhere - Tech Tools for the Classroom

The New York Times Learning Network

The New York Times Learning Network is a great way to use current events for all disciplines. Lessons use scaffolding to help students read and apply articles from the New York Times. Daily lesson plans discuss topics ranging from genetically modified animals to how to develop a better budget. Terrific ideas for writing prompts and engaging students in the link.

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No Red Ink

No Red Ink is a FREE web-based learning platform that helps students improve their grammar and writing skills. Students generally find grammar boring, that’s why No Red Ink generates all the grammar sentences using each kid’s favorite celebrity, hobbies, TV shows and friends, making the content inherently interesting. It provides Differentiated Instruction, adjusting questions based on what students get right/wrong and drilling down to their underlying misconceptions. It also helps teachers provide assignments and quizzes that are uniquely generated according to each kid’s interest. No Red Ink’s color-coded “heat maps” feature allows educators, students, and administrators to track progress easily. Educators can use class trends to instantly form instructional decisions as well as view students’ homework and quiz scores.

Free Technology for Teachers

Do you plan to spend time this summer looking for new websites to use in your classroom? It just might be easier than you think. provides free websites and apps for teachers and students. The site, hosted by the award-winning educator, Richard Byrne, showcases a variety of technology for teachers in all grades and content areas.

Mr. Byrne discusses many classroom technologies, often including video tutorials to assist teachers with the learning process. His writing is detailed, yet easy to understand, and the information he shares is invaluable.

Visit his blog, at, and follow him on Facebook or Twitter.

Need Help with Implementing Technology?


Looking to stay connected over the summer? Twitter is a great place for educators to share resources, participate in professional development, and even join conversations. Updates and news for Cincinnati Public Schools can be found using #cpsandme and @iamcps.

Need help? Follow this guide to help you get started with your Twitter account. Soon, you'll be tweeting, retweeting, following educators, and even hashtagging (#)!

Ed Tech Tools Used at CPS

There are so many education technology tools out there - you are not alone, it can be overwhelming. There are a variety of tools used at Cincinnati Public Schools - subscriptions or free. Clicking on the link will take you to a list of favorite tools that some of our CPS teachers are using on a daily basis. You'll find explanations, links, and account information. Please note that these are just resources gathered in one place, the CPS help desk may not have all information about each of these applications as some are not CPS supported.

Ed Tech Tools List-Cincinnati Public Schools Favs

The list is updated on a regular basis - want to contribute to the list, email Megan Safko-Preslin at

User Guides

Ever wonder where to go for various user guides on CPS applications?

Visit the Google My Tomorrow site, go to the new Staffnet, click on the Departments > My Tomorrow Staff Website under resources for principals and teachers. Once in the My Tomorrow site click on a specific section you are wanting more information, for example, technology and you'll find help guides for usage.

Blackboard also has user guides for CPS applications: login to your Blackboard account - find ITM District Training Resources.

The ITM Help Desk also provides user guides on their updated Google website.

What's Next?

CPS Tech Conference

Looking for new ways to implement technology in the classroom or need a refresh on tools?

Check out the CPS Tech Conference; it's free and you get CEUs!

Come for one day or all three. Teaching summer school? There are sessions in the afternoon you can attend, but you'll need to sign up. Various tools will be showcased including Schoology, Google Apps for Education, eBeam, LanSchool, and much more!

For the schedule and more information select the link or copy and paste the link in the URL:

Registration through Mayerson is available. If you attend all three days, you must register for all three separately.

Course numbers: 1948.6800; 1948.6801; 1948.6802.

We look forward to seeing you in June!

Opportunities to Learn More Tech in the Classroom

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