Welcome to the GLE Community!

Get ready to share together the summer of a lifetime!!

Our community & your next steps

We are so excited to start this journey together, one that promises to be filled with growth, direction, and life-changing experiences for us all. With engaged experiential learning, creative reflection, and dialogue at the forefront of our program, we will explore and develop our own qualities and skills of what it means to be a leader, discuss and deepen our understandings of cross-cultural dynamics and social issues, and build long-lasting relationships based on compassion, empathy, and respect. And most importantly, we are going to have so much fun doing it! San Francisco and your VIA family awaits you!

An important step to get here is making sure you have a visa. If you need a visa to come to the USA you must make an appointment immediately!! Please email Christy today if you have not started the visa process.

By now, you have received an acceptance email and an invitation to start your Pre-Travel Check-list. If you have not received an email, please let me know immediately by emailing: Tai@viaprograms.org

To make this program the best experience possible for all of us, we have to remember that we are all in this together. In order to begin building our GLE Community, our next step is getting to know one another. You have already talked with Christy in your interview, but now it is time to meet the others in the GLE community. Below you will see how we will connect and an introduction to your VIA team leaders, who will be with you throughout the whole summer GLE program experience. We cannot wait to see you all!

Safe travels,

Your GLE Team

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Let's get to know each other!

To start connecting to one another, we will use the free app, WeChat. This app is available for both your mobile and your laptop. If you do not have this app you can visit WeChat online to download it. If you would like assistance on how to get started, please email Tai@viaprograms.org

If you already have the WeChat app, please email your WeChat ID and we will add you to the group!

Feel free to share a brief introduction of who you are. This can include any personal interests and/or hobbies, the social issues you are interested in addressing, what you are most excited to do in the program, etc. Anything else you think will help us get to know you better is most welcome!

Tai Mesches

My name is Tai Mesches and I am your Program Director this summer. I am a half-Chinese, and half-Belarusian from New York City, who is fluent in Mandarin Chinese, and with over 6+ years of experience abroad in China, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia. I am an innovative, passionate, and creative international educator dedicated to empowering participants through experiential learning, creative self-reflection, cross-cultural community building, and dialogue facilitation. I specialize in designing programs focused on the US-East Asian relationship, with a variety of unique workshops, activities, dialogue, and reflection that will not only challenge your way of thinking, but will also engage you in your own self growth and character development. Come prepared to go on a new adventure, make life-long connections, and embrace making change not only in your own life, but also in the world!

Amy Luo

Hi everyone! My name is Amy and I'm a passionate program designer of experiential learning, committed to empowering youth from different cultures and backgrounds through education. Ever since I was a small child, I have always wanted to be an educator. It was in my youth when I realized my talent for languages and passion for learning about the history and culture behind the words. I spent a year teaching Chinese to specialists at the U.S. Consulate in Chengdu and students from all over the world. This work introduced me to new people and cultures, and when I began teaching foreigners about my own language and culture I became fascinated by the range of perspectives and insights teaching brought to my life. Right now I am pursing my master’s degree of International Education at SIT Graduate Institute.